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Welcome to the Parents’ Zone Information for Term 4 (23/24):

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 14.06.24

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 07.06.24

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 24.05.24

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 17.05.24

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 10.05.24

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 03.05.24

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 26.04.24

 Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 19.04.24


Welcome to the Parents’ Zone Information for Term 3 (23/24):

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 22.03.24

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 15.03.24

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 08.03.24

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 01.03.24

Self Image Assembly Feb 2024

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 23.02.24

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 16.02.24

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 08.02.24

Ellon Academy Curriculum Pathways 2024-2025 (including Subject Choice Booklet and summary)

Senior Phase (S4-S6) Subject Choice Presentation 2024

S2-S3 Subject Choice Presentation 2024

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 15.12.23

Prelim Timetable Jan 23

Welcome to the Parents’ Zone Information for Term 2 (23/24)

Prelims S4-6 letter to parents Dec 23

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 1.12.23

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 24.11.23

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 17.11.23

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 10.11.23

Ellon Academy Careers Convention 2023 – Programme

Ellon Academy Remembrance Assemblies 2023

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 03.11.23

Welcome to the Parents’ Zone Information for Term 1 (23/24)

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 13.10.23

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 06.10.23

Ellon Academy Calendar 23.24 Parents.Carers Version v3

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 29.09.23

Senior Phase Family Learning Website

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 22.09.23

Ellon Academy Dress Code – update September 2023

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 15.09.23

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 08.09.23

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 01.09.23

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 25.08.23

Welcome to the Parents’ Zone Information for Term 4 Session 22/23:

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 07.07.23

Weekly Newsletter parents & carers 30.06.23

Car Park Parents Leaflet

School Uniform updated June 2023

Digital Learning – Google Classroom consultation, findings, and next steps

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 23.06.23

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 16.06.23

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 09.06.23

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 02.06.23

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 26.05.23

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 19.05.23

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 12.05.23

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 5.05.23

Ellon Academy Master Exam Timetable 2023

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 28.04.23

SQA Examination Timetable 2023

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 21.04.23v2

Weekly Newsletter parents & carers 31.03.23

Ellon Academy – Exams Information – Study Support

Ellon Academy – SQA Exams 2023 Information Assembly

Ellon Academy – SQA Exams 2023 Presentation

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 24.03.23

Parent-Carers – FSM Payment Easter 2023

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 17.03.23

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 10.03.23

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 3.3.23

Scottish Child Payment information sheet March 23

General Letter.Strike Action.ParentsCarers.200223

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 24.2.23

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 20.2.23

Mobile Phone Policy (Feb 2023) (1)

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 9.2.23

Ellon Academy Curriculum Pathways 2023-2024

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 03.2.23

Free School Meals Letter FSM.ParentsCarers.010223

Senior Phase (S4-S6) Subject Choice Presentation 2023

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 27.1.23

S2-S3 Subject Choice Presentation 2023

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 20.1.23

Weekly Newsletter parents.carers 13.1.23

Police Scotland Social Media Advice – Parents Jan 23

Welcome to the Parents’ Zone Information for Term 2 Session 22/23:

Information for parents.carers 22.12.22

Ellon Academy Winter Assessment Block Timetable 2022-2023

Information for parents.carers 16.12.22

Information for parents.carers 9.12.22

Mental Health Assistance YP Dec 22

SCHOLAR video announcement

General Letter.FSM.IndAct.ParentsCarers.051222

Information for parents.carers 2.12.22

General Letter.FSM.ParentsCarers.011222

General Letter.2 Strike Action.ParentsCarers.011222

Industrial Action Letter 1.12.22

Information for parents.carers 25.11.22

Careers Convention Programme 2022

Information for parents.carers 11.11.22

Ellon Academy Calendar 2022.23 v4

Information for parents.carers 4.11.22


Welcome to the Parents’ Zone Information for Term 1 Session 22/23:

School Day Timings 31.01.22

Information for parents.carers 14.10.22

Information for parents.carers 7.10.22

Information for parents.carers 30.9.22

Information for parents.carers 23.9.22

Information for parents.carers 16.9.22

Parental Consultation on Morning Interval & Lunch times – September 2022

Information for parents.carers 9.9.22

Information for parents.carers 2.9.22

Information for parents.carers 26.8.22

Ellon Academy Calendar 2022.23 Parents Version


Welcome to the Parents’ Zone Information for Term 4 Session 21/22:

Google Classroom – for parents, carers and families at Ellon Academy

SQA Appeal Letter June 2022

School Uniform Up-dated May 22


Information for parents.carers 24.6.22

Information for parents.carers 17.6.22

Information for parents.carers 13.6.22

S1 SEEDS ‘Growth Mindset’ Posters

Information for parents.carers 27.5.22

Information for parents.carers 20.5.22

Anxiety & Sleep

Information for parents.carers 13.5.22

Information for parents.carers 6.5.22

Car Parking Safety at Ellon Academy 040522

Information for parents.carers 29.4.22

Information for parents.carers 22.4.22



Welcome to the Parents Zone Information for Term 3 Session 21/22:

Information for parents.carers 1.4.22

Information for parents.carers 25.3.22

Information for parents.carers 18.3.22

Information for parents.carers 11.3.22

Information for parents.carers 4.3.22

S1 Remote Learning 7.3.22

Information for parents.carers 25.2.22

Storm Malik Corrie – Updates for families eligible for Free School Meals 18.2.22

Storm Malik Corrie – Updates for families eligible FSM 8.2.22

Information for parents.carers 4.2.22

S3-4-5 Course Choices Letter Feb 2022

S3-S4 Subject Choice Presentation 2022

Information for parents.carers 28.1.22

Information for parents.carers 21.1.22

S2-S3 Subject Choice Presentation 2022

Young Persons (Under 22s) Free Bus Travel – Information for Parents-Guardians

Information for parents.carers 14.1.22

Young Person’s Free Bus Travel Scheme – Customer Service Toolkit – Jan2022 (1)

Information for parents.carers 7.1.22

Letter re Self-Isolation FAQ January 2022


Welcome to the Parent Zone Information for Term 2 Session 21/22:

Information for parents.carers 21.12.21

Director Letter Parents.Carers.Covid19 21.12.21

Ellon Academy Supported Study Opportunities 2021-2022

Information for parents.carers 17.12.21

December 2021 Parent-Carers FSM Bridging Payments

Information for parents.carers 10.12.21

Information for parents.carers 3.12.21

Information for parents.carers 26.11.21

Information for parents.carers 19.11.21

Information for parents.carers 12.11.21

Who’s Who

ParentsBooking – Video Call Information for Parents

Information for parents.carers 5.11.21 v2

Welcome to the Parent Zone Information for Term 1 Session 21/22:

Information for parents.carers 15.10.21

School Meals Pupil Price List Aug 21

Information for parents.carers 8.10.21 v2

Information for parents.carers 1.10.21

Information for parents.carers 24.9.21

Information for parents.carers 17.9.21

Information for parents.carers 10.9.21

Ellon Academy Extra Curricular Activities Term 1 2021

Information for parents.carers 3.9.21

General Letter.Parents-Carers.Managing Cases of Covid 19.020921 Information Letter Sept 2021

Annual Data Update of Info Held By School ParentsPortal Sept 2021

Information for parents.carers 27.8.21 v2

ECS Covid_19 Risk Assessment EllonAcademy v011

Information for parents.carers 20.8.21

WarnInform Letter August 2021 (For S3 parents/carers only on this occasion)

Information for parents.carers 16.8.21

Car Park Leaflet 2


Welcome to the Parent Zone for Term 4 Session 2020/21.

Information for parents.carers 25.6.21 v2

Police Scotland Staying_Safe_Online_Parents_Guide_2021

SQA Parental Letter Appeals June 21

Information for parents.carers 18.6.21 v3

Dress Code Poster Up-dated May 21

Public Health Secondary_School_Letter_June_2021

Bulletin 14.6.21

Info for parents.carers 11.6.21 v2

Info for parents.carers 4.6.21 v1

Information for parents.carers 28.5.21 v2

Dress Code Poster Up-dated May 21

Director of Ed Letter re Provisional Grades Parents.Carers 26.5.21

Information for Parents.Carers 21.5.21 v2

Director Letter to Parents.Carers.Covid19.Letter 210521

Information for Parents.Carers 14.5.21 v2 (002)

Information for Parents.Carers 7.5.21 v2

Information for Parents.Carers 30.4.21 v2

Ellon Family Learning – Anxiety In The Home event poster – Tue 27th April 7:30pm

ECS Covid_19 Risk Assessment EllonAcademy v011

Information for Parents.Carers 23.4.21


Welcome to the Parent Zone for Term 3 Session 2020/21.

ECS Covid_19 Risk Assessment EllonAcademy v010 (002)

Director letter Parents Carer National Qualifications 1.4.21

Director letter Parents Carer National Qualifications 1.4.21 – Lithuanian

Thank you letter to Parents Carers 1.4.21

Information for Parents.Carers 1.4.21

SAAS Application Workshop flyer

Director letter Parents.Carers.Covid19.Letter 31.3.21

Supporting Study 2021

Ellon Academy How to Study Guide March 2021 v2

Assessment Block Letter March 2021 V2

My Assessment Planner 2021

Ellon Academy Assessment Block Timetable April.May 2021 v3

Information for Parents.Carers 26.3.21

BYOD summary letter 19.3.21

Information for Parents.Carers 19.3.21 V3


ECS Covid_19 Risk Assessment-EllonAcademy 009

Information for Parents.Carers 12.3.21

Phased Return to School Letter 11.3.21

Free School Meals Funding Letter 11.03.21


Information for Parents.Carers 5.3.21

Phase 2 Return Letter to Parents 4.3.21


Information for Parents.Carers 26.2.21 V2

ECS Covid_19 Risk Assessment EA 008

Information for Parents.Carers 19.2.21 V2

Director Letter Parents.Carers.Covid19 18.2.21

LFD Expansion – For Objective Connect – Parent Letter Template FINAL

Privacy Notice – Covid Testing 160221

Senior Phase Return Letter for Parents 17.2.21

Information for Parents.Carers 11.2.21 V2

SQA Update for Parents 5.2.21

Information for Parents.Carers 5.2.21

Director Letter to Parents.Carers 4.2.31

Parentsportal information – 03.02.2021

Information for Parents.Carers 29.1.21 V2

S1-S3 Remote Learning Schedule 01.02.2021

Copy of S4-S6 Remote Learning Schedule 01.02.2021

Pupil Support Information (

S1-S3 Remote Learning Schedule 25.01.21

S4-S6 Remote Learning Schedule 25.01.21

Information for Parents.Carers 22.1.21 V2

New SCHOLAR video – Information for Parents and Carers

Ellon Academy Senior Phase Course Choice Booklet 21.22

Information for Parents.Carers 15.1.21 V3


Letter to FAs and Parents Jan 21

Parent Communication Remote Home Learning January 2021 v2

Remote Registration Instuctions for Pupils Parents January 21

Information for Parents.Carers 8.1.21 V2

Google Guardian Summary Letter 7.1.21

ECS Covid_19 Risk Assessment EA 008

Parents.Carers.Covid19.LDirectors Letter 06.1.21


Welcome to the Parent Zone for Term 2 Session 2020/21.

(NHS Grampian))

Information for Parents.Carers 18.12.20 V3

S5/6 Tracking and Monitoring Reports Letter 14.12.20

S4 Tracking and Monitoring Reports Letter 14.12.20

Information for Parents.Carers 11.12.20 V2Download
January 2021 Assessment Block Timetable v1Download
Assessment Block Letter 07122020 (002)Download
Information for Parents.Carers 4.12.20 V3Download
Covid-19 +ve S1 Case Letter to All Parents NHS 3.12.20Download
Information for Parents.Carers 27.11.20Download
Parents.Carers.Covid19.Letter 201124Download
ASB Schools Letter OFFICIALDownload
Shortened Lunch Letter 18.11.20Download
Information for Parents.Carers 13.11.20 V3Download
CV19 Letter All ParentsCarers Year Group Info 10112020Download
CV19 Letter All ParentsCarers 09112020Download
Information for Parents.Carers 6.11.20 Version 3Download
Letter to Parents 4.11.20 FinalDownload
ECS Covid_19 Risk Assessment EA 006Download
PE Letter 30.10.20Download
Information for Parents.Carers 30.10.20 v3Download
Parents.Carers.Covid19. Director Letter 28.10.20Download
Information for Parents.Carers 9.10.20 v2Download
Parents.Carers.Covid19 SchoolMeals.Letter 8.10.20Download
Information for Parents.Carers 2.10.20 v2Download
Face Covering Transport Letter Parents-Carers 02.10.20Download
ECS Covid_19 Risk Assessment EA 005Download
Parents.Carers.Covid19.Letter 200921Download
Director – FAQs Parent Queries 21.9.20Download
Information for Parents.Carers 18.9.20 v3Download
Information for Parents.Carers 11.9.20 v2Download
Information for Parents.Carers 4.9.20 v2Download
ECS Covid_19 Risk Assessment EA 004Download
Coronavirus – Jason Leitch Letter on testing and common colds – 31 August 2020 (002)Download
Covid19 – School Transport Operator Guidance 31 August 2020Download
Directors Parents.Carers.Covid19.Letter 200828Download
Information for Parents.Carers 28.8.20Download
Ellon Academy Letter re Face Coverings 27.8.20Download
Rectors Weekly Newsletter Parents.Carers 21.8.20Download
ECS Covid_19 Risk Assessment EA 003Download
Rectors Weekly Information Parents.Carers 14.8.20 v2Download
Return to School Summary 11.8.20Download
Return Restore and Reset Guidance Aug 2020 V2Download
General Letter.Parents-Carers.SQA Awards.070820 (002)Download
Return Restore and Reset Guidance Aug 2020Download
Rectors Up-date for Parents 3.7.20Download
SQA Results Day Information 4.8.20Download
Ellon Academy Contingency Return Plan for August 20Download
Copy of S4-S6 Online Teaching 29062020Download
S4-S6 Online Teaching 29062020Download
Copy of S2-S3 Online Teaching 29062020Download
S2-S3 Online Teaching 29062020Download
SQA Post-Certification Review Process June 2020 v3Download
Rectors Up-date for Parents 26.6.20 V2Download
Catering Communication for Parents Academies 26.6.20Download
Director Parents.Carers.Covid19.Letter 24.6.20Download
Ellon Academy Parent Council Meeting Minutes 16th June 2020Download

Director of Ed Letter to Parents re SQA 22.06.2Download
Rectors Up-date for Parents 19.6.20Download
Childrens Services Plan Consultation Letter 18.06.20Download
Covid Transport Parents Pupils 16.6.20Download
Rectors Up-date for Parents.Carers 12.6.20 V2Download
Rectors Up-date for Parents 5.6.20 V3Download
Rectors Up-date for Parents 29.5.20 v3Download
Rectors Up-date for Parents 22.5.20 v3Download
Director of Education Parents.Carers.Covid19.Letter 22.5.20Download
Aberdeenshire Transition Post Lockdown Discussion Paper 13.5.20Download
Framework for Reopening Schools Scot Gov May 2020Download
Letter to Parents 20 May 20 (002)Download
Rectors Up-date for Parents 15.5.20 v3Download
Rectors Up-date for Parents 1.5.20Download
SQA Letter from Director of Education 30.4.20Download
Parents.Carers.Covid19.Letter.29.4.20 Director of EducationDownload
Parents Up-date April 2020 FinalDownload
NHS COVID-19 Resource pack – For Parents April 2020Download
NHS Early Intervention Team Letter to Parents 21.4.20Download
Advice for Parents Aberdeenshire Public Protection 16.4.20Download
General Letter.HubOpeningTimes.Parent.Carer.030420Download
SQA Certification – Guidance for learners, parents and carersDownload
Telephone Support Service – Aberdeenshire Educational Psychology ServiceDownload
Free School Meals Up-date (2) 30.3.20Download
Free School Meals Up-date 30.3.20Download
SDS Message to all Pupils and Parents 25.3.20Download
COVID-19 Up-date for Parents 24.3.20Download
Parents COVID-19 Up-date letter 23.3.20Download
COVID-19 Communication to Parents 22.3.20Download
Parent Communication FSMs & Keyworkers 23.03.20Download
Senior Phase Offer Information 20.3.20Download
Guidance Contacts 2020Download

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