Ellon Academy Community Campus



Jeny MacPhee (PT Faculty)


Imogen Dunstan-Smith (Biology)

Fiona Kettle (Biology)

Glen Lawrie (Biology)

Fergus Massey (Biology)   Mon-Wed

Melinda Noufal (Biology)

Jordan Abberley-Nicoll (Chemistry)

Lesley Duncan (Chemistry)

Brian Higgins (Chemistry)

Anne Brown (Physics)

Pavle Copic (Physics)

Kathleen Davidson (Physics)

David Stewart (Physics)


Technical Support Staff:
Graham McIntosh



The Faculty of Science consists of 3 departments, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, with all Faculty staff working closely together as a team in order to provide effective learning opportunities for pupils at all stages. The Faculty of Science offers a wide range of courses from S1 to S6 and the large number of pupils choosing Science courses demonstrates their popularity with pupils.


An integrated Science course is offered in S1/2, which is designed to build upon learning from the primary school and also designed to provide a secure base for further study. The course is based on Curriculum for Excellence Level 3 Experiences and Outcomes, with differentiated activities when appropriate.


The Broad General Education continues into S3, but pupils have a choice of Biology, Chemistry or Physics courses which build on their learning from S1/2. Pupils select an appropriate course (or courses) to either consolidate their learning at Level 3 or to extend their learning into Curriculum for Excellence Level 4 Experiences and Outcomes.


All the Science Curriculum for Excellence Experiences and Outcomes are available via:


In the Senior Phase (S4 to S6), pupils study SQA National Qualifications in Biology, Chemistry or Physics at either National 4, National 5, Higher or Advanced Higher depending on their prior attainment in these subjects.


Further details about all SQA courses can be found in the relevant subject area within the SQA website ( All our Science courses develop a wide range of knowledge, understanding and skills, helping to equip pupils for further study, for work and for life.


Further Information

The Faculty of Science staff aim to enhance curricular provision in a wide variety of ways. Recent examples include: