Ellon Academy Community Campus

Skills Development Scotland – Careers Service

Skills Development Scotland is Scotland’s careers service.


Our qualified Careers Advisers are working in schools and careers centres across the whole of Scotland.

Your SDS Careers Advisers are Susan Ritchie & Elizabeth Bruce and you can get in touch with her through the school.

Your SDS Careers Adviser will be there for you all through school, helping you get ready for what you’ll do when you leave.

Some people think Careers Advisers are here to tell you what to do. Not true! And they won’t say ‘no’ or ‘you can’t’ either.

They will help you to think about what’s best for your future. And they will be there when you need them to back you up while you figure it out.

One of the main things your Careers Adviser will help you do is develop your Career Management Skills, which are the skills you’ll need to make your career a success.

You’ll take part in groupwork sessions with your Careers Adviser, as well as having the chance of one-to-one time. They’re also available for drop-in sessions.

SDS Careers Advisers will also be able to support parents, carers and teachers when it comes to talking about careers.

The work of SDS Careers Advisers is supported by our careers website My World of Work.

You can use it to explore your career, skills and learning opportunities right through your school and working life.


Parents and carers

When it comes to making career decisions, you’re one of the first people your child will turn to for help.

Skills Development Scotland is Scotland’s careers service and our Careers Advisers are available to support you and your child throughout their time at school.

Your SDS Careers Adviser is Jennifer Hill and you can get in touch with her through the school.

Scotland’s careers website My World of Work is also packed with information to help you explore the routes your child could take for their career.

Pupils will use My World of Work with their SDS Careers Adviser at school as they build their Career Management Skills

You can find more information on how to support them in making important career decisions.

Visit for more information or contact your child’s school Careers Adviser, Susan Ritchie (Mon-Thurs) or Elizabeth Bruce (Thurs/Fri).