Ellon Academy Community Campus

Health and Wellbeing


Mark Lawson – Principal Teacher of Faculty/Physical Education


Michael Caskie (PE)

Katie Daniel (PE)

Daniel Hatfield (PE)

Craig McCall (PE)

Fiona Morgan (PE)

Meggie Williams (PE)


Catriona Godsman (Home Economics)

Shaunee Hepburn (Home Economics)


Lorraine Anderson (HE Technician)





The vision of the Ellon Academy Health and Wellbeing Faculty is to be the best we can be in providing every pupil the opportunity to experience success through their attainment/achievements within the faculty.



Our values guide the way we work. Together we will enable all young people to become:



Our vision is embodied in our aim to:


To achieve this we offer a broad provision of courses from S1-S6:


Home Economics

There is a cost implication for all Home Economics and Hospitality courses.  This varies session to session due to variations in recipes and food costs. Costs must be paid in full at the start of each course.  If there are concerns meeting these costs, Guidance staff should be contacted in the first instance as support can be provided by the school.

Broad General Education

Pupils will follow a broad provision of courses in S2-S3 BGE. The BGE phase will prepare pupils for their S4 courses. This will involve Practical Cookery, Textiles, Nutrition, Food and the consumer and REHIS Hygiene.

Nutritional Needs and Developing Healthy Choices:


Keeping Safe and Hygienic:

REHIS qualification for the Hospitality industry

Senior Phase

National 4 and 5

The course requires a high level of independent motivation and the ability to research and commit to further development of practical and organisational skills at home.  There are 3 main areas of study:

Understanding and Using Ingredients

To successfully achieve this, pupils must: Apply an understanding of the use of ingredients: Use ingredients in the preparation of dishes.

Organisational Skills for Cooking

To successfully achieve this, pupils must: Select and follow recipes, with minimal guidance, to produce 2 dishes: Implement a time plan, with minimal guidance, to produce 2 dishes.

Cookery Skills, Techniques and Processes

To successfully achieve this, pupils must: Use cookery skills, with minimal guidance, to prepare ingredients: Follow cookery processes, with minimal guidance, to produce dishes.
Wider Achievement HE programme

Cake Decoration

The course consists of both the making and finishing of cakes and pastries and will develop:

Food Collection

It is the pupils’ responsibility to collect their prepared foods before leaving at the end of the school day.  All foods left overnight will be destroyed due to health and safety concerns.


Physical Education

Broad General Education

Within the S1-3 Compulsory Core programme:


Senior Phase

Core PE

All pupils in S4 and S5 receive core PE in accordance with National guidelines.

The year is split in to two blocks.  Each block consists of a variety of activities, offered to pupils on an option basis. In S4 pupils choose from:

In S5 facilities out-with the school within the wider community are utilised.  There may be a financial implication for such options.  Further information will be provided as appropriate.

The main aim of senior phase core PE is to continue progression of pupils’ physical literacy and development of mental, social and physical wellbeing, establishing a pattern of health and wellbeing which can be sustained throughout their adult life.

National 4 and 5 PE

Physical Education is primarily an experiential course.  Due to the structure and demands of the course assessments, pupils must be physically fit to cope with the practical work.  Pupils must also have an excellent attendance record in class to ensure success.

The course consists of both theory and practical work.  Due to the nature of the course, Performance Skills and Factors Impacting Performance are delivered concurrently.

Performance Skills:

Full and regular participation in ALL activities covered is compulsory.  This includes swimming.

Factors Impacting Performance:

Mental, Emotional, Social and Physical factors are covered.

The course requires a high level of independent motivation and the ability to research, analyse and commit to self-study out-with class time.

Higher PE

The course consists of 2 mandatory units.  Due to the nature of the course, the Performance Skills unit and the Factors Impacting Performance unit are delivered concurrently.  The course requires a high level of independent motivation and the ability to research, analyse and commit to self-study out-with class time.

Performance Skills:

Full and regular participation in ALL activities covered, including swimming, is compulsory to successfully pass this unit.

Factors Impacting Performance:

This unit covers the 4 Factors Impacting Performance, namely Mental, Emotional, Social and Physical (including skills, fitness and tactics/composition).

Leading a Sporting Activity

The course covers the skills, qualities and attributes required for effective leadership within a physical context.  Through this, pupils will develop their organisational, time management and presentation skills.



All pupils are expected to wear appropriate sports clothing such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, tracksuit bottoms and appropriate trainers. Leggings are not acceptable as PE kit unless they are Sports Leggings. For indoor activities pupils must bring and wear a clean pair of indoor trainers. There will be times throughout the year where pupils will be participating in outdoor activities. Pupils will be given prior warning for these so they can wear suitable outdoor clothing. Pupils will be able to wear football boots or rugby boots when participating in these activities. Pupils are not permitted to wear any part of their school uniform, including their school trainers to their PE lessons.  If a pupil forgets their kit they will be provided kit to wear from the stock of washed and cleaned kit in the Health and Wellbeing work-base.


Medical Exemption

If a pupil cannot participate for any reason they must inform their teacher of the reason.  The teacher will then use their professional judgement to assign alternative tasks.  In such circumstances, pupils are still expected to bring PE kit.



Swimming is part of every pupil’s Broad General Education in Physical Education at Ellon Academy.  It is also an activity within the S3 Stand Alone course and Senior Phase National qualifications.  We are very fortunate to be able to offer this activity as this community school facility is in high demand.  By providing this healthy lifestyle option for your child, we help to address the national concerns related to poor health and inactivity, particularly in teenage children.  In addition, this essential life skill may become part of your child’s leisure routine for years to come.  This is a compulsory element of the curriculum in which all pupils are expected to participate.



Each pupil is responsible for their own valuables while they are in school. These can be deposited with the class teacher for safekeeping but the school accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of valuables.



Pupils should access resources through the GLOW website by clicking on the Health and Wellbeing tab.