Ellon Academy Community Campus

Business Education


Sandra Ewen – Principal Teacher Faculty

Lewis McDonald

Lorraine Morrison

Dawn Penny



The Business Education faculty offers a broad provision of courses to S1-6 pupils.  The faculty prides itself on having outstanding levels of achievement and attainment by our pupils.

All pupils in S1 follow an Enterprise course, based around social enterprise.  In S2, pupils will experience all Business Education subjects so as to allow informed decisions for their subject choice.  Pupils will be introduced to Accounting, Business, Economics and ICT in a variety of different contexts.  In addition, the faculty delivers an enrichment course to S2 pupils – “The World of Marketing”.

Currently, we offer courses in Accounting, Administration & IT, Business Management and Economics to pupils entering S3, S5 and S6.

In S3, pupils can select Accounting, Administration & IT, Business and/or Economics.  This broad general education phase will prepare pupils for their S4 courses.

In S4, pupils will be presented at either National 4 or National 5 level.  In addition, high-achieving pupils may be recommended for Higher Business Management or Higher Accounting.

For our senior pupils in S5 and S6, the faculty offers a range of courses from National 4 to National 6 (Higher) level.  We also offer a flexible course where pupils undertake a range of Administration & IT units.  This course is internally assessed, with no final course exam.


Further Information

The faculty staff are involved in various extra-curricular activities. Any pupil with an idea for a new business opportunity is welcome to come along and speak to Sandra Ewen about helping to get their business “off the ground”.  Loans are available to help pupils get started.

The faculty are involved in lots of different initiatives and have worked hard, along with other faculties, to ensure the school is recognised for their excellent work.  For example, the Scottish Education Awards where we came first in 2014.

Visits to local businesses and other business-related conferences take place to enhance pupils’ learning experience.  As a faculty, we are keen to develop further links – if you feel you can offer your time, please get in touch with Sandra Ewen.