Ellon Academy Community Campus

Modern Languages


Emma Mathers (PT Faculty)

Kirsteen Chalmers

Sandrine Cussac (Tues-Fri)

Jennifer Duffus

Lisa Lefebvre

Rachel Sleigh (Mon-Wed)

Katie Wyllie


The Modern Languages Faculty is responsible for the delivery of French and German for pupils in S1- S6. Currently we offer French and German at National 4, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher. Pupils wishing to study two foreign languages can do so from S3 onwards. The Faculty also offers S1 and S2 pupils who are interested the opportunity to learn a little Mandarin as part of their Enrichment experience.


S1 and S2 pupils will follow CfE courses in either French or German aspiring to cover all the outcomes and experiences relating to level 3. Pupils in S3 will study either French or German or both languages if they so desire. S3 pupils may also opt to start learning Spanish from session 2017-18 onwards. Pupils will either complete the National 4 or National 5 course in S4. Pupils in S5 may opt to study the CfE Higher courses in French/German. Some students may opt to start learning Spanish in S5 or S6. Pupils in S6 may opt to study CfE Advanced Higher French and/or CfE Advanced Higher German courses.

Further Information

The Faculty of Modern languages aspires to gain the best qualifications possible for all its young students. To enhance teaching and learning we offer pupils the opportunities to participate in trips to Paris and Berlin. Foreign language films also play an important role in motivating and inspiring our pupils to fully participate in their language learning and maximise their potential. Continental breakfasts and cafés , project work and computer-aided learning and activities all play major roles in allowing the Faculty to stimulate pupil interest in their foreign language experience.