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Mathematics is important in our everyday life, allowing us to make sense of the world around us and to manage our lives. Using mathematics enables us to model real-life situations and make connections and informed predictions. It equips us with the skills we need to interpret and analyse information, simplify and solve problems, assess risk and make informed decisions.

Mathematics plays an important role in areas such as science or technologies, and is vital to research and development in fields such as engineering, computing science, medicine and finance. Learning mathematics gives children and young people access to the wider curriculum and the opportunity to pursue further studies and interests.

Because mathematics is rich and stimulating, it engages and fascinates learners of all ages, interests and abilities. Learning mathematics develops logical reasoning, analysis, problem-solving skills, creativity and the ability to think in abstract ways. It uses a universal language of numbers and symbols which allows us to communicate ideas in a concise, unambiguous and rigorous way.


S1 – S3

Pupils in S1 to S3 will follow the Broad General Education Curriculum for Excellence courses. The Mathematics Faculty ensures pupils progress through the Mathematics curriculum at the appropriate level and pace for each student, delivering a varied and differentiated learning experience.


The Mathematics faculty delivers the National 3 and National 4 Lifeskills Mathematics in addition to the National 4 and National 5 Mathematics courses in S4. Every pupil’s progress is regularly reviewed to ensure each individual is challenged at the correct level and is presented for the examinations most suited to them.

S5 & S6

S5 and S6 students are currently presented for the Lifeskills Mathematics courses at National 3, 4 & 5 or Mathematics at National 5, 6 (Higher) or 7 (Advanced Higher).

The Higher Statistics Award is offered as part of the Wider Achievement programme. The course will develop the ability of pupils to use statistical methods in real-life situations, gaining skills in analysing and interpreting data, and in the use of technology.

Further Information

Pupils also have the opportunity to compete with other pupils across Scotland and the UK in National Maths Challenges and Enterprising Maths events. Pupils can also benefit from business sponsored initiatives run by TechFest-SetPoint in Aberdeen. These include: Maths Master classes for S2; Maths in the Pipeline for S4; and STEM in the Pipeline for S6.

(Whilst general information is available to all for viewing/downloads, any learning materials can only be accessed by pupils through their GLOW accounts, so they will need to be signed in.)