Ellon Academy Community Campus



Cheyne House:

Mrs Paula Waugh.  Depute:  Mrs Melanie Wilson

Forbes House:

Miss Nicole Jeffrey.  Depute:  Mr Graeme Cowie

Keith House:

Mr Kris Findlay.  Depute:  Mrs Melanie Wilson

McDonald House:

Mrs Claire Kaczmarek.  Depute:  Mr Niall Corser

Sinclair House:

Mrs Lyndsey Donald.  Depute:  Ms Tracy Booth


The Guidance Team has the primary responsibility for the pastoral care of all pupils attending the school.


Further Information

Working closely with House Deputes, class register teachers and Support for Learning staff, each Principal Teacher of Guidance  works  to ensure a safe, secure environment for the pupils in their care.  The Guidance Team work in partnership with outside agencies including Social Work, Police, Further and Higher Education, Community Learning and a range of health professionals.

In order to develop relationships and to foster an atmosphere of trust, belonging and inclusion and to promote attainment and achievement, one to one and/ or group interviews are offered to all pupils in addition to a structured weekly contact through Personal and Social Education where age/ stage related themes are explored and developed.

Principal Teachers of Guidance are also actively involved in supporting pupils to undertake leadership roles and promoting opportunities for young people to be involved in decision making at whole school level.