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Welcome to the Ellon Academy website

Welcome to the Ellon Academy Community Campus Website.

My aim and vision for Ellon Academy is to continue to be a school with high expectations and aspirations so that all of our pupils have opportunities to develop their skills and release their full potential here in school and for their future lives and careers.

This website is designed to provide parents, carers, pupils and members of our community with information about Ellon Academy including our weekly newsletters, our school calendar and Parent Council up-dates.

Our Ethos is about ‘Personal Best’ in that all learners are encouraged to give or their personal best in everything they do and in time to aim to exceed their own PB.   Our school motto ‘Famam Extendite Factis’ simply translated from Latin means, ‘Be Known by Your Deeds’ and this encompasses our aim that our young people grow to be responsible adults who can contribute to society in positive ways.

Our school codes of conduct are ‘Ready, Respectful, Safe’ and these 3 rules set the context for learning and progress for our school community.

I hope that you enjoy visiting the website and thank you for your patience whilst we continue to build the site.

Pauline Buchan, Rector


Important Information

Contact Details:

Tel: 01358 281150  Email:

Address: Ellon Academy, Kellie Pearl Way, Ellon, AB41 8LF

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Ellon Academy Internet Communication Rationale:

Website - Information for parents and members of the public.

GLOW - Information and resources for staff and pupils.

Facebook - Celebrating success stories, pupil bulletin notices, and any other relevant day to day information.


Adverse Weather:

For details view our school closures page, or call 0370 054 4999 and use the Ellon Academy pin number 021040

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