Ellon Academy Community Campus

Ellon Academy Aims

1. Achievement and Attainment

We have the highest expectations for every single young person who enters Ellon Academy. All our young people are given every encouragement to aim for the highest possible levels of achievement in education attainment and life skills.

2. Framework for Learning

We aim to provide quality learning and teaching experiences for all our pupils, based on their unique aptitudes, needs and abilities, delivered by a professional and highly dedicated staff. By constantly reviewing and evaluating our curriculum we aim to ensure that the needs of all learners are addressed. We see each individual as unique and make every effort to make them aware of the school’s responsibilities to them and also their responsibilities to the school, fellow pupils and the local community. We also have very high expectations for the learning that takes place in every classroom, and for each pupil’s contribution to this. Good classroom relationships are crucial to developing a positive school ethos, firmly built on positive relationships between all partners – pupils, staff and parents.

3. Inclusion and equality

Ellon Academy has a tradition of being a fully inclusive school. We aim to help every individual pupil to benefit from education, and take pride in the support we continue to provide for pupils of all abilities and needs, within a framework of equal opportunities. We aim to be a caring community, providing the highest possible levels of support for all pupils. All members of the Ellon Academy community are valued and respected.

4. Values and Citizenship

Promoting Education at Ellon Academy is firmly founded on a partnership that aims to teach pupils respect for themselves and one another. It also aims to make pupils aware of their rights and responsibilities both within the school community and in society generally, thus developing effective skills of citizenship and an awareness of the need to care for and value our environment.

5. Learning for Life

Ellon Academy aims to create a learning environment that enables pupils to develop creativity, ambition, enterprise, and the skills and attitudes required for success in life the 21st Century.