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Sarah Warne – Principal Teacher Faculty

Donald Campbell (Monday-Wednesday)

Emma Cawthorne (Tuesday-Friday)

Sarah Coles (Tuesday-Thursday)

Kim Corser

Rachel Craig

Kirstie Gouck

Malcolm Kirk

Hannah Leith (Wednesday/Thursday)

Hannah Pirie



In S1 – 3 (Broad General Education) pupils are placed in broad ability sets and focus elements are Reading, Writing, Talking and Listening. Media is also an important and evolving part of the BGE. In partnership with the library, we aim to foster a lifelong love of reading and encourage reading progression though the use of Accelerated Reader software.

S4 pupils follow National English courses and engage in a wide range of activities, aimed developing skills vital for future learning, life and work. All National English courses comprise of two key Units: Analysis and Evaluation, Creation and Production. Pupils must pass both internally assessed Units in order to pass the course. National 4 pupils, once they have completed this course, aim to pass National 5 Literacy which aims to develop important communication skills. Pupils undertaking National 5 English work towards the production of a strong folio for submission to the SQA and preparation for the external exam.

In the Senior Phase, we offer a broad range of courses to cater for appropriate progression, specifically National 4 and 5 English, Higher English and Advanced Higher English. In addition to English courses, we also offer National 5 and Higher Media which have increased in popularity since the introduction of Media several years ago.

We have close links with Support for Learners so that we can best meet the needs of all learners. This collegiate approach helps us to provide Continued Professional Development for staff, develop differentiated materials and support pupils in class.

Development of pupils’ literacy skills is the primary target for the English Faculty in order to ensure all students leave Ellon Academy having maximised their potential and able to contribute effectively to post-school 21st Century life.