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Session 2019 – 2020



Session 2018 – 2019

Late Coming Procedure – February 2019
Dear Parent/Carer – Ellon Academy Senior Leadership Team have recently had discussions around our late coming procedure, which they have refined and is attached here for your information. It outlines the actions the school will take for pupils who are continually late for school. This procedure will be implemented w/b 25/2/19 – please take time before this to familiarise yourselves with it and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. Thank you in advance for your continued support. Mr McLachlan

Going Home From School – January 2019

Elevate – December 2018

Notice 19/11/2018 – Adverse Weather/Early Closure Drill

There will be a drill on Thursday 22/11/18 during Period 6. All pupils must attend their P6 class as normal & the drill commencement will be announced over the tannoy. Please familiarise yourselves with Assembly Points which are displayed in the following areas –

All pupils who travel by school bus MUST have their passes with them on Thursday 22/11/18 – please ensure you check the details on your pass against the information displayed BEFORE 22/11/18 – any issues need to be raised with the school office asap.

Mrs Ross

Notice 15/10/2018 – Parental Involvement and Engagement Strategy and Action Plan 2018 – 2021

Please find the link to this document here.

Rector’s News Letter – October 2018

Notice 11/10/2018 – Communication From School To Home

Dear Parent/Carer – As of 29/10/18, we shall use e-mail + Xpressions only (not texts) for sending out letters which contain lengthy content and/or attachments as our method of communication. As texts do not accommodate this, if not already done so, could you please ensure the school holds an up to date email address if you do not have the Xpressions App. Homework & absence texts will continue to be sent as normal.

Mrs Ross

Notice 20/08/2018 – School Transport Team

Just to make you all aware, we are currently having issues with our card printer which we use for pupils bus passes, and are now unable to print them. We will include a slip for any pupils who will not receive their pass to say they should use the letter as a temporary pass until the printers are fixed.

This will affect all Privilege pupils, Primary and Secondary (they get a new pass every year of a different colour) and all New P1 entitled pupils (the Secondary should have the pass from the induction days).

We can only apologies for this inconvenience, we are awaiting IT to get back to us hopefully with a fix. We will update you as soon as the issue is solved.

School Transport Team – Aberdeenshire Council

Session 2017 – 2018

Post-results service letter – June 2018

Rector’s News Letter – July 2018

SQA Exam Timetable – May 2018

Promoting Positive Relationships Parent Leaflet – February 2018

Notice 23/01/18 – Estimate Exams – Study Leave Reminder

Wednesday 10th January – Wednesday 24th January inclusive.

S4-S6 classes resume on Thursday 25th January. Pupils are expected to attend classes on Thursday 25th and Friday 26th January unless they have estimate examinations scheduled or rescheduled on these days, e.g. coincidental exams.

Elevate – Issue 3 – December 2017

Notice 14/12/17 – This is a reminder to all parents/carers that safety in the pupil pick up and drop of zones is of paramount importance and I assure you we are working with Aberdeenshire Council for their help to grit and clear the school grounds of ice and snow for the safety of all. Thank you.

S5/6 Parents evening will now take place on Monday 5th February.

Please note that the Authority have changed the Adverse Weather Phone Line – November 2017

The new number is 0370 054 4999. Pin Number remains the same 021040.

School Improvement Plan – November 2017

School Calendar 2017-2018 – November 2017

Rector’s News Letter – October 2017

Late Coming Procedures – October 2017

Careers Convention Information – Wednesday 4th October 2017

Ellon Academy School Uniform Information – June 2017

Session 2016 – 2017

Post-Results Service Letter – June 2017

Elevate – Issue 2 – June 2017

Summer Newsletter June 2017

Introducing the ‘Big Conversation’ Letter – June 2017

The Pupil Equity Fund – May 2017

Information regarding exclusions and warnings of exclusion – May 2017

Pupil Safety Message – April 2017

Exam Timetable 2017

Study Leave and SQA Examinations 2017

Elevate – Issue 1 – March 2017

Rector’s News Letter – December 2016

Rector’s Letter – August 2016

Christmas News Letter 2014

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First Aid Provision
Young Driver Newslettter

Education Maintainance Allowance (EMA) Students 16 and over can claim for an E.M.A., providing their household income falls into the Scottish Government thresholds.Students can pick up a leaflet from the school office and take home. However, information is also attached below.Important to note – students who received EMA before must re-apply again submitting a new application. The application forms will be available from Aberdeenshire Council’s website as from Monday 3rd June 2013

Education EMA Flyer